saari is Finnish for island, bampo is Mayo for water

saaribampo unites two words from the two places where I spend most of my time with my husband, dogs, friends, and assorted chickens. Part of the year we live on an old Finnish farmstead in Minnesota. The other part of the year we live in a town in Sonora in northwestern Mexico, heartland of the Mayo and Yaqui people. My name is Suzanne Winckler. I am a journalist by trade. saaribampo is where I post a selection of present and past writing.

The banner photo on the Home page is a portion of one of the murals painted by Diego Rivera in the Cárcamo de Dolores in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. The Cárcamo was built in the 1950s to bring water from the Río Lerma to the city. The banner photo above is a wall of Mexican masks at the Museo de Jugetes in the Mayo town of Etchojoa, Sonora.

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