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The World’s Oldest Cassowary

This piece originally appeared in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine in May 2008. If Edgar B. Kincaid, Jr., were alive today, he would be 93 years old.  Edgar B. Kincaid, Jr. was the quirky and beloved father of 20th-century birding in … Continue reading

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The Mexican Street Dog

I am thinking about the Westminster Dog Show. It is coming up in February. In 2015, two new breeds will be on the roster – a little fru-fru dog from Madagascar called the coton de tulear and a lean, muscular … Continue reading

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There are times when I miss him

There are times when I miss him. Like now, as I write this, when I was doing something else entirely different in a different country and fifty years later I suddenly miss him. I never know when I will miss … Continue reading

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