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The hummingbird

It was late afternoon. David saw a shadow of a hummingbird in the window of our bedroom onto our little portal. I looked up. The hummingbird was perched on the sill. I could see through the window that it had … Continue reading

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1-18-13, Tucson

In memory of Peter Warshall He knows he is dying. We know he is dying. We sit in the dying light, the fading velvet light of dusk, talking, building a wall of words to forestall his dying, our dying, exploring … Continue reading

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This morning, we helped a good friend here in Alamos butcher six young roosters. He has a large flock of egglayers, plus he incubates fertile eggs and raises his own chicks. Hence, he occasionally has to reduce the number of … Continue reading

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The Oriole in the Ipomea

We were walking on the path along the rim of the Chalatón Arroyo. It is one of the numerous, bouldery, deeply dissected drainages that tumble off the Sierra de Alamos on the edge of our town in Sonora, also called … Continue reading

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