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Our world is built on a shared trust in strangers who we hope are competent. From the earliest prehistoric trade routes to this very day, trust is implicit in the transport and exchange of goods and services. Without trust our … Continue reading

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Welcome to America

We arrived in Tucson just as the sun was setting and checked into the Best Western on the southwest corner of Stone and Speedway. We know the intersection well. When passing through Tucson or coming up from Mexico to run … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dolly

Leonora Katherine Doll GloydAugust 29, 1902 – June 2, 1993 “When someone asks me to criticize a manuscript – especially if it deals with the Odonata – I should warn him beforehand that I usually do so to the best … Continue reading

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River Jewelwing

There is nothing I can add to the commentary condemning the U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-to-3 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. So instead I am sharing this female River Jewelwing perched on a balsam branch that I photographed today in … Continue reading

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Taxi, 1-27-13

When I asked him how he was riding out the great recession, he said it all unraveled after the black horse. I was riding in his taxi in Tucson, heading west. Let me make this clear: the points of the … Continue reading

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