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Is it asking too much?

Is it asking too much of culpable females to not pee on the seats of public toilets? You know who you are, and I have remained silent too long. I recently decided I’d had enough. My husband and I had … Continue reading

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Diablo has died. The last day I saw him he was a skeleton in a black shroud. Dressed for his impending death. He was as usual shadowing Rosario. While Rosario stopped for a moment at our door to talk with … Continue reading

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Love Calls Us to the Things of This World

In the town where we live in Sonora, many women still hang out their laundry to dry. They drape the washing over barbed-wire fences or hang it from clotheslines on rooftops. Every day is a changing cavalcade of britches, blouses, … Continue reading

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Over the last two weeks—December 23, 2017 to January 7, 2018—during our random walks in the arroyos and ranchlands around Alamos, we have encountered two gate-closers we have never seen in our almost twenty years of rambling in southernmost Sonora. … Continue reading

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The man goes down to the river with his dog

For Dan Michener The man goes down to the river with his dog. He fishes. The dog runs arabesques. The man is the prince of the river. It is not a famous river but it is his river. The trout … Continue reading

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In the above photo—which documents the first bite of winter on the Great Plains in early November—I am with my husband, David Smith, on the left, and Chris Helzer, a colleague from my days with the Nature Conservancy in Nebraska … Continue reading

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Take THAT, Nolan!

A few days ago I walked out to our driveway and pulled my RANGERS FOR NOLAN bumper sticker off my old Subaru. Take THAT, Nolan! Our Minnesota Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan, on most issues a principled Democrat, has morphed … Continue reading

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