February 10, 2019

The snow is blowing sideways on Boom Island in the Heartland. It looks like Marge Gunderson is going to announce her candidacy for president. No, no—it’s Senator Amy Klobuchar. There she is stepping out of the stratus clouds, coming barely into focus, dusted in snow. Yes, Klobuchar is going to run for president. She could not have picked a better place or better weather. On the Mississippi River in a blizzard! What a beautiful day, as we say in Minnesota.

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1 Response to February 10, 2019

  1. Wanda Gamble says:

    I like her but this week read a disparaging article about her days as prosecutor. Hopefully these articles will weed out the problems like black face, rape, listing yourself as a Native before we get too far along. One strike and you’re out these days. The Democrats can’t afford to loose this 2020. Thanks for sending. W PS I was going to watch her but Ingrid was having a seizure. We went to a Doggie Valentine Portrait session down the street at my artist friend’s house yesterday. It was just too traumatic. Small dogs always think they are going to be filleted and grilled on a stick.


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